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Leket Israel - The National Food Bank

Serving as the country's National Food Bank and leading food rescue network, Leket Israel works to alleviate nutritional insecurity in Israel. Each year, with the help of over 55,000 volunteers, Leket Israel rescues 2 million hot meals and 30+ million pounds of produce and perishable goods. Food that would otherwise go to waste is redistributed to 195 nonprofit partners serving the needy; reaching 175,000 people each week. For more information, visit www.leket.org.
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  • Volunteer, Agricultural Gleaning in Northern Israel

    Make a difference to the needy as part of your Israeli holiday! Join Leket’s gleaning initiative Project Leket to help pick vegetables for distribution to Israel’s needy. This is a fun-filled and...
  • Volunteer in the Fields in Israel

    Join Leket’s gleaning initiative Project Leket to help pick vegetables for distribution to Israel’s needy. This is a fun-filled and meaningful volunteer experience, geared toward individuals,...
  • Volunteer in Raanana, Israel

    Volunteer and tour Leket Israel's main logistics center (Ra'anana), the heart of the organization, and help sort and pack produce in preparation for distribution to the 195 nonprofit partners that...
  • Sorting fruits and vegetables

    Take 2 hours out from your time on the beach or the pool.Come and sort fruits and vegetables for the needy in an air-conditioned warehouse in Raanana! 20 mins from Netanya or Herzlia and 2 hours...
  • Celebrating your bar/batmitzvah

    Visiting Israel as a family to celebrate a simcha? Why not volunteer sorting fruits and vegetables in Raanana or picking vegetables in Nahalal? The simcha celebrant will receive a special...
  • On Holiday in Israel? Make a difference in just 2 hours!

    Come help us sort and pack vegetables for the needy in our indoor Raanana Logistics Center. All you need is 2 hours of your time and you'll make a difference in the life of someone...
  • Visiting Israel? Spend time in the fields!

    Spend time in the fields and pick vegetables / fruit for those who can't afford to buy them. Join Leket Israel in the fields and spend two hours picking fruits and vegetables for the...
  • Bridge the Food Gap #3

    Bridge the Food Gap is back!! Come help Leket Israel sort and pack fruits and vegetables that have been rescued from destruction, for redistribution to those who need them most! An indoor...
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