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The Joy & Stanley Cohen Volunteers' Hall of Fame

The Joy & Stanley Cohen Volunteers’ Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Stanley Cohen Charitable Trust, immortalises the achievements of the JVN Heartbeat of the Community Award Winners. As well as showcasing their accomplishments, their stories serve as an inspiration to others in generations to come to engage in impactful volunteering and make a difference. The Hall of Fame also reinforces the immense value that our community places upon its volunteers.

Hall of Fame Members:

Ruth Barnett, Samantha Brunner, Jonathan Clingman, Eliezer Gilbert, Marsha Gladstone, Alan Lazarus, Lilian Levy, Stella Lucas MBE, Joseph Malinsky, Hannah Manson, Marilyn Podro, Leora Robinson, Sarah Rose, Noah Rubin, Helen Sarkany and Adam Shelley.

Here are some of their stories:





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